Pharmacy at Broadway Animal Hospital

The Broadway Animal Hospital has a complete in-house pharmacy, supplying prescription medications and neutriceuticals (Dasuquin, Cosequin, Denamarin, DAP, Feliway). A variety of preventative flea, tick and heartworm products are available. Some owners find it difficult to medicate their pets. For these patients, medications can be compounded in unique ways, such as transdermal (to be rubbed onto the skin), or several medications combined into one preparation, to make life easier for the patient and the client. For your convenience, you can call the doctor prior to coming in, and we will have your medication ready for you to pick up. We will also be happy to mail medications to you providing they have been approved in advance by Dr. Luckow. A current veterinarian/client/patient relationship is required by New York State law to dispense any item in our pharmacy. This includes all prescription and non prescription items. We are not permitted to fill outside prescriptions.