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My Dog Vaccine Protocols

I had a new client come in today for her pet’s yearly check up and the “necessary vaccines”.  She wasn’t certain what was needed based on the reminder card she… Read more

My Cat Vaccine Protocols

About 15 years ago I heard about the possible connection between cat vaccines and malignant tumor formation.  At that time,  I started my own prospective study to see if I… Read more

Clearing Up the Confusion About Vaccines

Before I discuss my vaccine protocols, I want everyone to understand that the most important thing you can do for your pet and the most important reason for visiting a… Read more

What You Need to Know About Pet Sun Protection This Summer

By Dr. Ann Hohenhaus DVM, DACVIM (SAIM, Oncology) | June 19, 2015. I added additional information and some other products for comparison. Dr.LThe fun-in-the-sun summer months have officially arrived, which… Read more

Crucial behaviors to teach pets if you have children

This is an important article by Dr, Jennie Willis to review if you have or are planning to have children with pets. Dr. Jennie Willis is an instructor of animal… Read more

Fear of Fireworks

Fear of Fireworks is a common problem in dogs and although it appears to be rare in cats, it is thought that they can often be afraid of fireworks too.… Read more


I am frequently asked,” What should I look for after my pet receives a vaccination”. How do I know if the behavior is normal or if it is something to… Read more

Puppies, Is it Normal play or Aggressive tendencies?

Many of my clients recently adopted a new K9 family member.  Following many questions about rough play I found this very informative article by Wayne L. Hunthausen, DVM on how to make… Read more

Liver Shunts : What Are They and Why Do We Look For Them?

What are liver shunts?The liver has multiple functions. One of the most important is to filter blood returning from the intestines before it enters general circulation. The blood coming from… Read more

Travel Tips From The AVMA

This article contains most of the important information you will need if you go on a trip with your pet. If you have any other questions please contact my office.… Read more

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