Closed on Friday, November 24th.


Your pet eats something he shouldn’t…is suddenly sick…or traumatically injured. Health problems, injuries and illness can happen quickly and many need immediate attention. Don’t wait! When your pet can’t wait to see a veterinarian, Broadway Animal Hospital of Riverdale offers quality emergency and urgent care.

Urgent care—when the condition is not life-threatening but your pet shouldn’t wait to see a doctor—is available at our clinic during business hours. We ask that you please call us ahead of time to make sure we have space available. Please keep in mind, that all cases may be subject to an extensive wait unless the pet has an emergency.

Emergency care—when the condition is life-threatening—requires that the pet be seen as quickly as possible when you arrive. We ask that you call to let us know you are coming in with an emergency patient.

If your pet needs emergency care after hours or on days we are closedplease contact the following 24/7 emergency veterinary hospitals:

Animal Medical Center
510 E 62nd St.

New York, NY 10065
(212) 838-8100